New Volunteer Orientation

Who Should Attend a New Volunteer Orientation?

Oscar and Beet 2bwAny person wanting to volunteer on a school campus in Berkeley must come through BSV or another agency partnering with the Berkeley Unified School District to screen, train and manage volunteers. All new volunteers are required to attend a volunteer orientation prior to requesting a placement. In addition to meeting you in person and reviewing our policies, we want to share with all the undecided volunteers our current volunteer opportunities in all 20 BUSD schools. Please RSVP for an orientation by filling out the form below.

Orientation Logistics and Reminders

  • Plan to attend a full, 1 hour orientation
  • Late arrivals: If you arrive 5 minutes or more after the start time, you may be asked to attend another orientation.
  • Once you attend, you do not need to attend another orientation
  • Some volunteer placements require additional screening or training, depending upon the nature of the volunteer placement.
  • While we love kids, we kindly ask that you do not bring babies/children to the orientation. Thank you for understanding.

What to Expect

We will present an overview of Berkeley schools, programs, and options you have as a volunteer, explain the request and selection process, handle the screening requirements, and help you complete a Volunteer Registration Form. We will also review volunteer policy in BUSD schools and volunteer tips for success. Fingerprinting is not part of the orientation process.

What to Bring

  1. Government-issued photo ID (State ID card or Driver’s License – must be current).
    We cannot accept school IDs.
  2. Two (2) references who can vouch for your ability to volunteer with youth in schools (names and contact information only; no letters needed)
  3. Your schedule of availability (to match your needs with those of teachers/staff; you will set a volunteer schedule with the teacher/staff member directly once in contact)
  4. If you already have a connection at a school, please bring the name of the teacher who is hosting the program and the name of the school site.


All BSV orientations are held at 2020 Bonar St, Rm 126, Berkeley, CA  in the technology lab on the 1st floor, unless otherwise listed below.
We reserve the right to change the time/date or location of the training, due to attendance and/or school space needs, so please RSVP to receive updates.

Are you a Parent/Guardian of a student currently attending a BUSD school?

If you are a parent/guardian of a child currently attending the BUSD school at which you wish to volunteer, you have rights under the CA Education Code to do so with prior notice and approval from the school site and staff. If you choose to volunteer outside your child’s classroom, your school site may ask you to come through BSV for additional clearances. Please understand this is to protect all our students, as school sites have limited ability to screen volunteers. You may also choose to come through BSV’s training to find community, improve your strategies for working with children and teachers, and for help finding other volunteer opportunities. Please contact us or your school site to ask about your specific situation.

Volunteer Orientation RSVP

Please note—all orientations are held at 2020 Bonar St. Rm 126, Berkeley, CA 94702—unless otherwise noted.
  • Only choose "Yes" if you have been in contact with a specific teacher or program and are scheduled to volunteer with them. If you are interested in the Edible Schoolyard program and do NOT wish to volunteer elsewhere in the Berkeley schools, please mark "YES."
  • Please use the space below to tell us the teacher name or program (if you marked "Yes" above) -OR- to let us know more about what you would like to do as a volunteer (subject(s), grade level(s), interests, skills, etc.)
  • BSV will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with physical challenges to complete the orientation and match you with a teacher. Volunteers should be able to write, talk, see well enough to help students with classwork and move freely around a classroom or school property without teacher assistance. If you have questions about this or require accommodations, please have a discussion with us prior to the orientation.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.