Literacy Pals and Library Opportunities


029_BPEF_BSV_DearDay_20090306bwIf you can’t make it to school during the day, you can help in this pen pal program! Volunteers exchange a letter each month with a BUSD student (grades 3-5th) about literature, school, and learning in this classroom-based program that encourages reading, develops letter writing skills, and links students with caring adults. Important information about the Lit Pals program:

  • Program starts in mid-Fall and continues through late Spring (this may vary by teacher)
  • Program is run by the teachers participating (BSV recruits, teachers match you with students and manage the letters)
  • Availability is limited to the number of students enrolled in participating classes, which can change during the school year.

Want to sign up? Please complete our LitPals sign up form.


Volunteers assist library staff with overall library operation and maintenance as well as providing computer research and general technology assistance to students using the library. Opportunities exist throughout the school day, assisting classes visiting the library and helping with special projects throughout the year. Please ask us about this very flexible, multidisciplinary option. Additional computer/technology assistance opportunities exist at the high school level.

Libraries are a great option for a first-time volunteer because you stay in one place all day, but many classes and grade levels come to you with a variety of projects! It’s a wonderful window into the school culture and dynamics of each classroom.