‘Zoom Mentors’ for BUSD Middle Schools 

 After a successful pilot program in the spring of 2020, BSV has partnered with the U.C. Berkeley Public Service Center to offer ‘Zoom Mentors’ to struggling middle schoolers across all 3 BUSD sites for the 2020-21 school year.

Who are Zoom Mentors?

  • Tech-savvy college-aged “near peers”
  • Strengths in connecting with diverse learners, time management/organization, reading/writing and/or math
  • Warm, patient, equity-focused, and committed to student success
  • Can reside anywhere (though preferably somewhere in CA)

What do Zoom Mentors do?

After screening and orientation, mentors are matched with a student-mentee whose teachers have recommended them for (and whose family has agreed to) additional support. Mentors and mentees digitally “check in” 2 times each week (generally Mondays and Thursdays in the early afternoon) for about 30-45 minutes. Check-ins occur in breakout rooms on Zoom calls hosted and supervised by Zoom Mentors staff. Biweekly check-ins focus on building rapport, organizing time and assignments, troubleshooting tricky academics, and celebrating student progress. Mentors will be given access to their mentee’s Google Classroom account to keep tabs on mentee assignments and progress.

Mentors complete a brief digital progress update after each check-in. Mentors also participate in monthly training (~1 hour/mo.) and have ongoing access to their site’s Zoom Mentors Co-directors for troubleshooting student issues, as necessary.

Mentors are matched with a mentee for the school year (or in some cases, for a semester).

Interested in becoming a Zoom Mentor?  

You must be college-aged and have availability on Mon or Tues and Thurs from 1:30-2:30 for the semester or year.

Applicants will be interviewed and if accepted into Zoom Mentors, will complete a background check (fingerprinting) and then participate in 2-3 hours of ZM training/onboarding.

The priority deadline for Zoom Mentors was Aug 31, 2020 though rolling applications will be accepted through September 2020. APPLY HERE.

What do mentees and their parents/guardians have to say about BSV’s Zoom Mentors program? Learn more HERE