Fall Concert Promo Postcard_finalfrontThe Boatwright/Weinstein Fund provides scholarships for private music lessons for middle school students. Students that have skill and interest, and qualify as low-income by the District, are identified by District music teachers to receive private lessons to strengthen their musical education and expand opportunity. Currently 10-15 students a year are awarded private music lessons.

This scholarship was originally created as the Joffe/Boatwright Fund, which was established in memory of Nancy Joffe, a Berkeley music teacher. She asked that her violin be sold in order to create these scholarship funds. The Boatwright family, also dedicated to fostering a vibrant music community, joined the fund shortly after. In 2014, a new donor initiated a fundraising effort for Joffe/Boatwright, “Spring Into Music”, a series of in-home concerts performed by Berkeley students. We have since changed the name to Boatwright/Weinstein in honor of the donor’s mother, Iris Weinstein, who loved children and music.

I LOVE the scholarship you’ve created – I’ve had the fortune to get to work in private lessons with students who are also in my class. It’s given me the chance to have really wonderful musical conversations and explore things with them I can’t do with 30 other kids in the room. Private music lessons and the relationship they create are such a gift.
– Mary Dougherty, BUSD Music Teacher

Donations can be made here.