Help us meet the needs of our community during this crisis.

  • Close the Digital Divide: You can help the many families and teachers who don’t have what they need to reliably connect to distance learning and teaching. Our goal is to get computers and hotspots to all of the students and teachers that need them.
  • Increase educational equity and opportunity: You can help push back on the inequities arising from distance learning. Our goal is to connect under-resourced students with academic support and enrichment.  
  • Sustain our volunteer programs: Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV) has recruited and organized 1,000 volunteers during the crisis. Volunteers are distributing computers and supplies at our Ed Hub, delivering food and learning materials to families, collecting and giving out books and providing tech support and translation. BSV is also training volunteers to support teachers and students in the distance learning “classroom” and to serve as “Zoom Mentors” for middle schoolers.
  • Stabilize families in crisis: You can give cash assistance to our families that are experiencing severe financial hardships. Our goal is to provide $10,000/week in financial assistance. 
  • Provide schools supplies: From preschool to high school, students need grade level supplies and materials to participate  in distance learning.


We’re also accepting:

  • Contributions of supplies and equipment: In-kind contributions of working computers are welcome as are other goods and supplies (please contact us to determine if we can match with a need).

Can you help us with something BIG?

This year, the Schools Fund will continue to provide grants of $10,000 to $100,000 to support strategic efforts by our district, schools and individual teachers to lift up those students who are struggling the most. Are you connected to a family foundation or business that could support one of these special projects? Call us to learn more about these opportunities.

Questions? Contact Erin Rhoades,