Every year the Schools Fund both receives and distributes dedicated funds to support an array of unique programs. Funding—which averages around $200,000 a year—comes from within and outside our community, from multiple or single sources, and for specific or broadly-defined purposes. Here are just a few examples of dedicated funds:

065_BPEF_LeConteVol_20091021bwBayer HealthCare Science Enrichment

Supports classroom grants to K-8 teachers, trips to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for every Berkeley 5th grader, and elementary and middle school science fairs.

Hamrick Fund

This fund was established by a donor to support arts programming in the schools. In recent years, it has funded the Berkeley Rep Story Builders program in  3rd grade classrooms.

058_BPEF_BSV_Event_20090507bwEarly Literacy Intervention

Focuses on supporting District-wide teacher professional development and strategic interventions for struggling readers.

BUSD Music Districtwide

Supports a variety of activities and needs across BUSD, including the Music in the Schools program of the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. There’s also a specific fund that provides scholarships for private music lessons for middle school students. Students that have skill and interest, and qualify as low-income by the District, are identified by District music teachers to receive private lessons to strengthen their musical education and expand opportunity. Currently 10-15 students a year are awarded private music lessons. Donations can be made to the Boatwright/Weinstein Fund.

Homeless Student Support

3.0% of Berkeley public school students are homeless this school year. Transient housing affects students’ physical, academic, and social well-being. The Homeless Support Fund provides assistance to help normalize these students’ school experiences.