The Schools Fund and our community believe that directly supporting teachers is one of the best ways to help students succeed.

The Classroom Grant application period for 2018-2019 is closed.


Award Criteria

In evaluating grants, we look for a clear and detailed description of the project, its budget, and of how funds will be used. For a list of tips for successful application, check out our Needed Materials and Tips. Overall, we look for projects that:

  • Encourage collaboration and strengthening of practice among teachers
  • Enhance teaching of core academic subjects as well as the arts
  • Expand equity and opportunity by helping students discover and reach their potential
  • Support differentiated teaching and multi-modal learning styles
  • Increase parent and community involvement in our schools

Who Can Apply

Priority is given to projects that effectively impact the most students per dollar granted.

  • Any BUSD teacher or team of teachers
  • Principals
  • Any school or District personnel
  • Specialists or resource staff

What Can Be Applied For?

Grant projects must directly benefit students and schools during the school year being applied for. Items such as:

  • Curriculum materials
  • Supplies
  • Certain equipment
  • Guest speakers or artists
  • Professional development
  • Field trips
  • Anything that you can show will enhance your teaching and your students’ learning!

A few notes: Licenses for subscriptions or software will only be granted for one year. For instructional technology (iPads, computers, etc…) please make sure you explain how the equipment applies to or enhances your curriculum and let us know if you’ve completed any related professional development or if you have plans to do any professional development.

Here are the full lists of the 2018-19 Classroom Grants and 2017-18 Classroom Grants.

Please complete the following steps once you are awarded a grant:

Step 1: Getting Your Money – Complete a Spending Plan

Complete the “Classroom Grant Spending Plan”. This gives us your overall spending plan, so that we can most effectively support you with the payment process.

Step 2: Field Trip Transportation

If you will be using BUSD buses, you should contact the BUSD Transportation department to reserve them.  They will be billing us directly for your trip cost (per your instructions in the Spending Plan, up to the amount you specify.

Step 3: Grant Payments

Funds should be requested BEFORE you begin your project – it is not necessary that you spend your own money and wait to be reimbursed.  We can make payment directly to you, or you can direct us to pay BUSD Transportation, vendors, organizations, other teachers purchasing for your project, etc.  If any of your funding will be used to pay consultants or any individual for services (e.g. individuals you are bringing in like artists, dance/music teachers, speakers, etc.), we must pay them directly (for tax reasons).  Please do not pay these people yourself.

Step 3A: Requesting Payments (non-consultants)

When you are ready to request a payment (for all types EXCEPT payment to consultants), you should complete a “Classroom Grant Check Request” form for each payment needed.  Please allow 2 weeks for payment.

Step 3B: Requesting Payments to Consultants

When you are ready to pay any consultants (e.g. individuals you are bringing in like artists, dance/music teachers, speakers, etc.), you should complete a “Request Classroom Grant Payment to Consultant” form for each payment needed. We also need tax ID information for individuals that are providing services—have them complete an IRS W-9 form and send it to us via email or mail. Please allow 2 weeks for payment – you can request a payment ahead of time and specify when the payment will be needed.

Step 4: Follow Up Report

Once your project is complete, please submit a “Classroom Grant Follow-Up Report”. Please complete the Follow Up no later than the last day of school. Or contact the Schools Fund to request an extension (we are happy to accommodate extensions—as long as we know about them!).

Step 5: Send us photos, videos, or student work

We love seeing photos and videos from your projects and can often use them in our various materials. Digital copies can be sent to Or you can drop hard copies in Interdistrict mail (just send it to “Berkeley Public Schools Fund, 2020 Bonar). Please note, we follow BUSD’s permissions policy. Please do not send photos of students whose parents have opted out of photos permissions. If you are unsure, parents can also complete a Photo Release form.