BSV’s Laptop Refurbishment Team

The Laptop Refurbishment team accepts donations of working laptops from the community, refurbishes them to BUSD standards, and then distributes them to grateful BUSD staff in need.

Laptop Specs: Donated machines should have 4+GB RAM and have either Windows 10 or a modern MacOS. They should also be physically clean and boot without issue. 

Time Commitment: Laptop refurbishment volunteers spend about ~1hr / laptop. The refurbishment work depends on the flow of donations, and is spread out across multiple members.

Volunteer Skills Required: Ability to verify the amount of RAM and the operating system version on a laptop.

Interested in donating a laptop? First see BSV’s Laptop Specs & Donation Instructions page.

Interested in joining the team? First join BSV here and check the skills/interest box for “Tech Support.” Also, feel free to contact BSV Lead Kester Allen