LEADING for Equity Grants

Investing in Recovery to Level the Playing Field

With a new mission laser-focused on equity, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund is currently re-oreinting programs and resources to support and amplify work that levels the playing field for the students furthest from opportunity.

LEADING for Equity grants (formerly Strategic Impact Grants) are designed to support larger, multi-layered projects that involve thoughtful coordination between multiple sites and district staff (or are “district-wide”).

Award amounts range from $5,000 –  $30,000

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Check out this Side-by-side Comparison of LEADING for Equity and LEARNING for Equity grants

Priority Funding Areas

LEADING for Equity proposals will be prioritized where they clearly support at least 1 of the Schools Fund’s priority funding areas:

  • Emotional Health & Wellness*
  • Digital Equity
  • Equitable Family Engagement
  • Positive Racial Identity Development
  • Focused Academic Intervention & Support
  • Strengthening the Pipeline for Educators of Color

*for any/all students (this year)

Explicit About Equity

LEADING for Equity proposals will be evaluated based on the following equity dimensions:

  • For whom? (Who is the proposed audience?)
  • By whom? (What relevant qualifications do the educators have?)
  • What? (What is the curriculum or content?)
  • How? (What is the chosen pedagogy? How will the project be implemented?)

Systems Change

To drive systems change in BUSD, LEADING for Equity proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • The number of school sites involved in the project
  • The extent of district involvement/coordination
  • The systems & structures designed for district – sites collaboration, coordination & communication

Who Can Apply

To broaden our reach, the Schools Fund requests that BUSD educators participate (as lead or collaborator) in only 1 LEADING for Equity grant per year. (Educators may, however, participate in both a LEADING and a LEARNING grant simultaneously.)

LEADING for Equity proposals from a single school will not be accepted. Consider whether a LEARNING for Equity grant may be a better fit. See this side-by-side grants comparison.

Engaged Stance 

The Schools Fund will be taking a more engaged stance with regards to LEADING for Equity grants moving forward, offering more touch points with Schools Fund staff and more support for grantees than in years past. Supports will include:

  • Optional Office Hours (during application period)
  • Applicant Learning Conversation
  • Early Fall Goals & Evaluation Technical Support
  • Mid-project Learning Conversation

Grantee Requirements

We ask grantees to participate in the following:

  • 2-3 Learning Conversations (above)
  • End of Project Follow-up Report OR Exit Interview
  • Grantee Survey

Application Timeline

LEADING for Equity grants open in the spring (for full year funding) and fall (for remainder of year funding). Our Spring round is complete.

Fall 2021 Round:

  • Applications open on Mon, Aug 30
  • Applications close at midnight on Sun, Oct 24
  • Applicants will be notified of funding status by Fri, Nov 19

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