LEARNING for Equity Grants

Investing in Recovery to Level the Playing Field

With a mission laser-focused on equity, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund seeks to support new work and amplify existing work that levels the playing field for BUSD students furthest from opportunity.

LEARNING for Equity grants (formerly Classroom Grants) are designed to support small-to-medium-sized projects that involve multiple educators in a “cohort” or team at a single school. (In some job categories, cohorts stretch across schools.)

Award amounts range from $1,000 to $15,000.

See all the LEARNING for Equity grants awarded in fall ’21 HERE.

Check out this Side-by-side Comparison of LEARNING for Equity and LEADING for Equity grants

Priority Funding Areas

LEARNING for Equity proposals will be prioritized where they clearly support at least 1 of the Schools Fund’s priority funding areas:

  • Emotional Health & Wellness
  • Digital Equity
  • Equitable Family Engagement
  • Positive Racial Identity Development/Culturally Relevant Learning
  • Focused Academic Support & Intervention
  • Strengthening the Pipeline for Educators of Color

Explicit About Equity

LEARNING for Equity proposals will be evaluated based on the following equity dimensions:

  • For whom? (Who is the proposed audience?)
  • By whom? (What relevant qualifications does the educator team have?)
  • What? (What is the intended curriculum or content?)
  • How? (What is the chosen pedagogy? How will the project be implemented?)

Cohort Collaboration

To drive cohort-based systems change, LEARNING for Equity proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • the number of committed participants in a particular cohort
  • the systems & structures designed for collaboration, coordination & communication of the cohort

“Cohorts” are comprised of a Project Leader (the applicant) and colleagues who are also committed to the project.

  • In BUSD, many cohorts exist at a single school. (For example, grade-level teams, subject/function-area teams, LEARNS/BEARS Instructional Techs at a site, or counselors @ Berkeley High.)
  • In some cases, cohorts exist across schools. For example, TK educators, Science Resource Teachers, OFEE Specialists, and Garden Educators).
  • LEARNING for Equity proposals from a single educator will not be accepted.

How Many?

To broaden our reach, the Schools Fund requests that BUSD educators participate (as lead or cohort member) in only one LEARNING for Equity grant per year. (Educators may, however, participate in both a LEARNING and a LEADING grant simultaneously.)

Application Timeline

The ’22-23 LEARNING for Equity grants will likely open in early August ’22, with a late September deadline.

Grant writing & Planning Tools

  • LEARNING for Equity Grants Awarded Fall ’21 HERE
  • LEARNING for Equity Grant Guidelines HERE
  • LEARNING for Equity Application Questions HERE
  • LEARNING for Equity Example Budget HERE
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