LEARNING for Equity Grants

LEARNING for Equity grants are designed to support small-to-medium-sized projects that involve multiple educators in a “cohort” or team at a single school. (For some jobs (like library-media specialists), cohorts naturally exist across schools.)

Award amounts range from $1,000 to $15,000.

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Priority Funding Areas

LEARNING for Equity proposals will be prioritized where they clearly support at least 1 of the Schools Fund’s priority funding areas:

  • Emotional Health & Wellness
  • Digital Equity
  • Equitable Family Engagement
  • Positive Racial Identity Development/Culturally Relevant Learning
  • Focused Academic Support & Intervention
  • Diversifying BUSD Educator Pathways

Explicit About Equity

LEARNING for Equity proposals will be evaluated based on the following equity dimensions:

  • For whom? (Who is the proposed audience?)
  • By whom? (What relevant qualifications does the educator team have?)
  • What? (What is the intended curriculum or content?)
  • How? (What is the chosen pedagogy? How will the project be implemented?)

Cohort Collaboration

To drive cohort-based systems change, LEARNING for Equity proposals will be evaluated on the systems & structures already or soon to be in place to support collaboration, coordination & communication of the team throughout the project.

“Cohorts” are comprised of a Project Lead or Co-Project Leads (who apply) and their Collaborators (specifically named in the application). Collaborators must be fully committed to implementing the project. LEARNING for Equity proposals from a single educator will not be accepted.


Email Duffy Ross: duffyross@berkeley.net

Investing in Recovery to          Level the Playing Field

With a mission laser-focused on equity, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund seeks to amplify existing and seed new work that levels the playing field for BUSD students furthest from opportunity.

Application Timeline

  • The ’22-23 LEARNING for Equity grant application opens on Mon, Aug 8
  • Grant Office Hours run throughout the open application period
  • The application deadline is Thurs, Sept 22
  • Applicants notified of funding status by Fri, Oct 21

Grantwriting Tools

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