Campaign for Math and Science Achievement


We’re currently targeting funding for Math and Science Achievement. Curriculum transitions in math and science over the past few years call for more hands on learning experiences for students and significant shifts in teaching approaches. The Schools Fund is playing a role in providing more experiential leaning experiences for students and supporting professional development for teachers in math and science.

There are many opportunities to connect community and university resources with math and science achievement in our schools. With your support, we can turn these opportunities into reality.

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Our First Math and Science Achievement Grant
The Schools Fund Board approved a $30,000 grant for “Fractions: Bridge to Grade 5 Common Core” as the first Math and Science Achievement grant. The grant will provide all 4th and 5th graders in the District with a strong conceptual understanding of fractions using materials for intervention and support during the transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Lori MacDonald, K-5 Math Coach, said of the grant, I am convinced that the marriage of a solid curriculum (like A Story of Units that is Common Core designed) with a deep constructivist approach like Math Talks will help Berkeley teachers create optimal classrooms for students to learn math in the most expansive and enduring ways.”

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