BSV Mentor Programs Findings

Parents/guardians of our mentees from spring 2020 reported: 

  • Mentors provided valuable 1-on-1 support at a time when parents/guardians were working or otherwise unavailable

  • There is value in having mentors who are informal supporters (not officially part of the district) but still invested in their child’s education and success

  • Appreciated mentor support with scheduling/time management and assignment completion

  • Saw mentors as compensating for what teachers weren’t able to finish or explain during a class session

  • Mentors helped mentees:

    • adjust to the changing learning environment

    • stay focused

    • complete assignments

    • Have a social outlet during an isolated time

Mentees from Spring 2020 reported:

  • I felt comfortable with my mentor

  • I was able to ask questions

  • The support was useful because my parents were busy

  • It helped me get used to the new learning environment

  • My mentor motivated me

  • It helped improve my grades

  • Mentors had more time to help break down concepts that teachers had initially presented

  • Studying at home is distracting so working with a mentor helped me focus