School Support Volunteers

BSV School Support Volunteers (including Parent Volunteers) serve a variety of key support functions inside and outside of schools across the Berkeley Unified.

For registered and approved School Support Volunteers, learn more about and sign up below.

To join BSV’s School Support Volunteer Community, first register HERE. Note that you will need to upload proof of COVID vaccination (which by end of February ’22, will include a booster). Shortly after registering, you will receive a ‘Welcome to BSV’ email, approving you to start signing up for volunteer jobs.

Safety First on BUSD Campuses

BSV continues to navigate the uncertain COVID landscape in schools, with volunteer, student, and staff safety in mind. A summary of our safety protocols is HERE

To keep everyone safe, keep in mind that School Support Volunteers must:

  • be fully COVID vaccinated/boosted & approved by BSV before volunteering 
  • volunteer at one site only to minimize cross-contamination
  • sign in & sign out every visit in the Main Office Visitors Binder 
  • obtain a ‘BSV Volunteer’ sticker in the school’s main office & wear at all times on a BUSD campus 

Thank you for helping keep BUSD classrooms safe and focused on learning!

Ongoing & One-time Volunteer Projects

  • Playground Supervisors provide additional eyes on the playground to ensure students stay safe.  This project is new to BSV as of Fall 2021.
  • Task Runners are dispatched by BSV to pick-up and deliver urgently needed meals, groceries, school supplies, and technology for students and families who are not otherwise able to access them centrally. Learn more HERE
  • Ed Hub volunteers run BUSD’s centralized, drive-through distribution center where families can pick up needed supplies three times every week. Learn more HERE. 
  • Grocery Drivers do just that – they serve as food shuttles between community sources, like the Berkeley Food Network, and BUSD campuses for families in need. Learn more HERE
  • Spanish speakers support BUSD’s Spanish-speaking families in better accessing the curricular resources and supplies available in our district. Learn more HERE.