BSV Task Runner Team

Task Runners are dispatched by BSV to pick-up and deliver urgently needed meals, groceries, school supplies, and technology for students and families who are not otherwise able to access them centrally. 

What do Task Runners Do?

In general, Task Runners make “runs” usually within the city of Berkeley in the following categories:

  • Ongoing Support — where a team of 3 volunteers support a BUSD family Mon/Wed/Fri, ongoingly, with meals and/or groceries available from the district.
  • One-time single delivery — where a volunteer picks up a Chromebook/supplies/books/or learning packets from the EdHub and delivers it to a student’s home. 
  • One-time batch deliveries — where a volunteer picks up a handful of needed supplies from the EdHub and delivers them to students’ homes in succession.

How does the Task Running System Work?

BUSD staff refer family needs to the Task Running Leader, Tami Stewart. Task Runners receive 1-3 emails each week from Tami with task requests. Once spots are filled, volunteers get a follow up indicating the task has been FILLED. Tami responds individually to those who volunteered with more details. All task runners are welcome to pass on requests, or reply if it’s a good fit.

What’s Required?

Valid driver’s license, a car in good condition & standing, & scheduling flexibility. Tasks run 1/2 hour – 1.5 hours at a time.

Interested in Becoming a BSV Task Runner?

To sign-up to become a Task Runner, complete this brief registration form
For more information, email