BSV’s Teacher Needs Team

With the unexpected shift to remote learning, BUSD staff have been scrambling to find the right tools to build out their home workstations. With remote learning continuing into 2020-21, the BSV Teacher Needs team is working with urgency to better equip teachers’ home work spaces.

Who are we? The Teacher Needs Team is comprised of BSV volunteers, Schools Fund staff, and corporate partners who work in concert to get Berkeley teachers the tools they need to safely and effectively teach from home.

Defining the Needs: Early in the crisis, the Berkeley Public Schools Fund solicited BUSD teachers directly and organized this Teacher Needs list. To this day, we continue to circulate the list around the community. We invite community members to contact BUSD teachers on the list directly if you have a match!  And if you have multiple donations to make at the same time and would like support, please contact BSV Teacher Needs Lead Kathleen Gadway,

Accomplishments to Date: Through volunteer-business connections, BSV has been able to fulfill upwards of 200 teachers’ home work station requests. In one week alone, we received 15 desks, 65 office chairs, and 45 laptop computers. 

Gratitude to our Donors: The Berkeley Public Schools Fun would like to thank BSV volunteer Madelyn Mock, BSV volunteer Bodie Paden of Hopsy (beer), Ahmed Ali Bob @ Square, Brian Buhl @ TwoFurnish, and Pandora for their generous donations.

Got Donations? Let’s talk! Email Teacher Needs Lead Kathleen Gadway,