Tech Wellness Team 

BSV’s Tech Wellness team remains nimble and responsive to the emerging needs of the season during this COVID crisis in Berkeley’s public schools.

*** This fall, Tech Wellness volunteers are being trained by BSV to support the district’s Help Desk system, responding directly to student and family tech support requests/questions. 

This past summer, the Tech Wellness team researched, scripted, and produced a series of 15 ‘how to’ videos on Google Classroom, for families. These are now in circulation around the district and can be viewed here in English and here in Spanish.

Last spring, Berkeley Schools Volunteers made “Tech Wellness Check” phone calls to families that received a loaner Chromebook from BUSD. This major undertaking was a critical piece of BUSD’s strategy to minimize the deepening of the digital divide due to the forces of COVID-19.


Skills Required:  Tech Wellness volunteers should be very tech-comfortable, generally familiar with BUSD’s tech systems, and willing to learn.  They should also exercise emotional intelligence, patience, and resourcefulness. 

Screening Required: Tech Wellness volunteers upload their photo ID and BSV screens them against a registry of sex offenders. They also e-sign a Volunteer Agreement that details protocols in the digital support space. 

Supports: Tech Wellness volunteers go through a training specific to the BUSD Help Desk interface. 

Interested in BSV’s Tech Support for 2020-21?

  • First, join Berkeley Schools Volunteers, using this link. In the skills section, please check the box for “Tech Support for Remote Learning/ Tech Wellness Checks.”
  • Then, email Schools Fund’s Valerie Kratzer, 

Questions? Email Valerie Kratzer,