“Why I Volunteer”

Volunteer Testimonials

“Working with the kids is the best part – their curiosity, enthusiasm, creativity. There are those special moments when they “get it” and are so happy.  Then there are the moments when I figure out how to work with a particular kid who might have been hard to reach, and I feel really good about myself.  The best times are just two people sharing a moment.  And when you are appreciated by a kid – you know it is the real thing.”

-Charlie, BSV Volunteer since 2011

“To see a child “get” something is one of the most exciting moments in anyone’s life. 

I learn a lot tutoring – about the mind – about discovery – about myself…I learn to observe and to treat a mistake as the gift it really is…Investing in children always pays off.” 

-Janice, BSV Volunteer since 2006

“I believe a good public school system is the foundation of our democracy and that people my age – retired and with time on their hands – should do everything possible to support public schools. (Besides, I love children!)”

-Barbara, BSV Volunteer since 2009

More Volunteer Testimonials

“It’s so great observing good teachers – how they teach – how they respond – how incredibly hard they work. Anything I can do to help seems so well deserved – the teachers want only the best for these kids and it’s inspiring to see.”

-Janice, BSV Volunteer since 2006

 “I volunteer so I can stay connected to the heart of my neighborhood. I’m not a parent at the school, but I love being on the middle school campus and working one-on-one as a reading coach. This past year I read right along with my student, both of us learning about new worlds and new perspectives as we navigated poetry, nonfiction, classics and more. Volunteering is a way to stay in touch with kids now that my son is grown.”

-Donna, BSV Volunteer since 2018

“I am able to observe the positive impact my engagement with children has and the positive impact and influence they (and the teacher) have on me. It is a great living experience of the cycle of giving and receiving. I give some of my good and receive from their good in return.”

-Tocosa, BSV Volunteer since 2016

“My work as a volunteer is about 180 degrees from what I did in my business career.  Every minute can bring a new challenge, particularly in kindergarten.  You never know what situations may come up.  I was good at the corporate job I had for 35 years, but I find working in the classroom has greater personal meaning and is more satisfying.  It’s a chance for a second career and do it right this time.  I look forward to every single day I am in the classroom.”

-Charlie, BSV Volunteer since 2011

“I feel teachers are under appreciated, overworked and underpaid, so I just want to be of help to them in any way they like.”

-BSV Volunteer since 2018

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how much progress students have made…I’ve seen students become much more confident readers.”

-Elizabeth, BSV Volunteer since 2018