BUSD Libraries
Volunteering Opportunities

Supporting Literacy

For some volunteers, supporting a school library is the ideal placement for its relatively calm setting, its multidisciplinary nature, and it’s opportunity to support the important organization of a school-wide system.

Library volunteers:

  • Assist library staff with overall library operation and maintenance
  • Support students in finding, evaluating, and checking out books

Library volunteers (Continued):

  • Assist students with library-based computer research as it relates to special projects
  • Provide general technology assistance to students using the library

School libraries exist at every elementary, middle, and high school. They are operational August – June, weekdays 8 am-3 pm. Library volunteering is extremely flexible. Volunteers also appreciate the opportunity to stay in one location all day, while different students and classes come and go. Additional computer/technology support opportunities exist at the high schools.

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