Middle School
Volunteering Opportunities

Creating Opportunity

Berkeley is home to three middle schools: the two “zoned” schools (King and Willard) and one “magnet” school (Longfellow).  Longfellow is also home to Berkeley’s two-way immersion (aka “TWI” for English/Spanish) program.

Middle School volunteers often spend time:

  • Working 1 on 1 with struggling students, supporting small groups, or assisting whole class, as requested by the Host Teacher
  • Supporting subject-specific academics, including reading, writing, math, and science
  • Supporting enrichment classes, from computer sciences and gardening/cooking/nutrition to world languages, music, and engineering/makerspace

Middle School Volunteers Also:

  • Mentor students with college-readiness skills in the Avid program
  • Assist students with special needs in and across classrooms
  • One on one online instruction through our Zoom Mentors program

BUSD middle schools run August through June, from approximately 8 am – 3 pm.

There are also a variety of after school opportunities (3-6 pm daily) with BUSD’s LEARNS program to support both core academics (tutoring, homework clubs) and enrichment activities.

To hear more from Berkeley’s experienced  volunteers, see our Volunteer Testimonials