BUSD Gardening/Cooking/Nutrition
Volunteering Opportunities

Cultivating Wellness

As part of Berkeley’s 2020 Vision and BUSD’s Integrated Wellness Policy, BUSD’s Gardening, Cooking, & Nutrition program is woven into student life district-wide, preschool to high school. The program aims to impact three key areas of student development: academic achievement, student health, and essential life skills.

Volunteers with the Gardening, Cooking, and Nutrition:

  • Support small groups of students with interdisciplinary, garden-based lessons
  • Help prep, support instruction, and clean up after hands-on cooking demonstrations in both outdoor and indoor settings

Gardening, Cooking, and Nutrition Volunteers Also:

  • Support the integration of nutrition into gardening and cooking activities
  • Help maintain school gardens through regular weeding and composting

Gardens are actively staffed August-June, weekdays from 8 am until 3 pm.

There are after school gardening opportunities in some locations, as well as summer garden maintenance needs district-wide.

To learn more about BUSD’s Gardening, Cooking & Nutrition program, click here.

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