Preschool Volunteering

Starting Young

Support Berkeley’s youngest learners at one of BUSD’s 3 Preschools: Franklin, King, and Hopkins. The Berkeley Child Development Centers (CDCs) serve more than 400 students from Berkeley and surrounding communities. More than 20% of BUSD pre-school students qualify and participate in the Head-Start Program. In addition to students served by the state-funded Child Development program, approximately 50 students participate in the BUSD Special Education Program.

BSV Preschool Volunteers

Preschool volunteers often spend time:

  • Reading and retelling stories to build pre-literacy skills;
  • Encouraging creative play on the playground and in the garden
  • Playing math games to develop early “number sense”
  • Supporting the development of healthy social-emotional skills

Berkeley’s 3 preschools operate year-round, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Please note…

that for the health and safety of our youngest learners, volunteering in a Child Development Center setting requires additional levels of screening. See BSV’s Volunteer Screening Policies for more details.

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Volunteer Opportunities