Survey Findings

BSV’s Feedback Loop

Every spring, Berkeley Schools Volunteers solicits feedback from our volunteers and host teachers in order to stay sharp and responsive. This spring, we were incredibly proud to earn a survey return rate of over 85% – further evidence of our volunteers investment in Berkeley schools! Read on to get a snapshot of what we learned about our program’s scope and effectiveness in 2018-19.

BSV Hours in Classrooms

Our volunteers contributed over 10,000 hours to Berkeley’s public school classrooms in 2018-19. 61% of BSV volunteers volunteer 1-2 hours a week, 23% volunteer 3-4 hours a week, and an impressive 12% volunteer 6 or more hours a week.

BSV volunteers 1-2 hours a week 61%
Volunteers 3-4 hours per week 23%
volunteer 6 or more hours every week 12%


About half of BSV volunteers work in elementary schools, while about a fifth work in both middle and high schools.

Partner Organizations

Half of BSV volunteers find us through affiliations with partner organizations, such as the Edible Schoolyard, Jewish Coalition for Literacy, or TEALS (computer science).

Content Focus

Almost half of BSV volunteers support some aspect of literacy in schools. About a quarter support math, and a tenth support gardening, cooking, and nutrition.

Satisfaction Rate

The vast majority (92%) of BSV volunteers are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their volunteer experience. They feel similarly enthusiastic about the relationship they have with their host teacher.

Volunteer Tenure

The average tenure of current BSV volunteers is slightly over 4 years.

Volunteer Job/Work Status

About two-thirds of our volunteers are retired. A tenth of our volunteers are current students.