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Hot Off the Press @ BSV 

NEW! Common Core Math Training for Volunteers. BSV’s learning community is taking on the Common Core! In partnership with BUSD’s Elementary Math Coach, BSV will help demystify the “Common Core” math. We will engage you directly in DOING the ‘new math’ (new math-style, of course) and we will pay special attention to what volunteers should and shouldn’t do to encourage deeper mathematical understanding for all types of learners. This training will be eye-opening even for those amongst you who claim you’re ‘not math people!’

  • Thurs, Nov 21, 3-5 pm, District Office, Room 126.
  • To attend, please RSVP here

ALSO NEW! Mid-Fall Email Check-ins. As part of our redesign, BSV is committed to ensuring strong partnerships between volunteers and teachers all year long. To that end, BSV is doing quick email check-ins mid-fall with both volunteers and teachers to see how the partnerships are progressing. When you hear from us, please let us know how it’s going and if you need any support!

ONGOING. BSV Equity Trainings. BSV’s Duffy Ross and BUSD’s Ann Callegari (Office of Family Engagement & Equity) continue to lead 2-hour equity trainings ongoingly for our entire 2019-20 volunteer corps. These multifaceted learning experiences have been very warmly received by (even the most hesitant of) our volunteers, and many folks are asking for more! If you’re interested in some “next steps” equity learning with BSV this year, please email Duffy at

NEW! One-time Volunteer Events.

  • Want to keep volunteering, but not sure you can swing the weekly commitment? Consider signing up for our newest volunteer pathway: one-time volunteer events! To learn more, click here.

Redesign: from Vision to Action.

  • Learn more about BSV’s redesign, from process to outcomes, here

We Are All Learners!

  • Explore BSV’s new Learning Community tab (from the Current Volunteers page) where you’ll find a calendar of events, including upcoming trainings and volunteer gatherings.

Lost Badge?

  • Misplaced your name badge? No problem! Contact BSV ( or 510-644-8833) and we’ll mail out a new one shortly.

BSV Tip of the Month: The All-Important First Meeting!

Before diving in, make sure you’re meeting up with your Host Teacher for a First Meeting to build a strong partnership from the start! This all-important planning conversation can be guided by BSV’s First Meeting Checklist.

Be sure to discuss:

  • teacher needs & volunteer strengths/interests
  • scheduling & communication preferences
  • classroom protocols & individual students’ needs

BSV Learning Community


Gathering our Volunteers for Shared Learning

We value lifelong learning and seek to create opportunities for volunteers to learn from each other outside of the classroom. Check out the BSV Events Calendar tab (above) for upcoming volunteer gatherings!

Honoring our Volunteers

Our volunteers are regular people giving in extraordinary ways! Berkeley Schools Volunteers is currently exploring new avenues for recognizing their tremendous and varied contributions. We regularly spotlight them in newsletters, we honor their years of service, and new this year, we look forward to recognizing a Volunteer for a Distinguished Service Award at our Schools Fund Spring Luncheon in the spring.

Staying Connected to our Volunteers

BSV stays connected to our volunteer community through periodic emails with updates, opportunities, and the occasional volunteer story or tip.

In addition, the tremendous work of our volunteer community is regularly spotlighted in the Schools Fund e-newsletter. Click here to read the latest Schools Fund e-newsletter.

If you want to pitch an idea for a BSV-related article, email Director of Programs Duffy Ross,

Asking for Regular Feedback from our Volunteers

Our volunteers know better than anyone how BSV could sharpen its tools to deepen our impact!

Every spring, BSV surveys its volunteers as well as its Host Teachers to find out what’s been working, what needs tightening, and what should be prioritized for the coming year. Read a summary of our 2019 volunteer survey findings  here.




General Screening Requirements 

Requirement Details
Be 16 years of age (by first day of volunteering) Complete a Minor Permission Form, signed by Parent or Guardian
Present a government-issued photo ID  Typically done at new volunteer orientation
Have no record of sexual offenses BSV checks your name against a National Online Registry of Sex Offenders
Attend BSV’s new Volunteer Orientation and Equity Training (3 hours) For New Volunteers: Complete both before finalizing placement

For Returning Volunteers: Complete equity training within first 2 months of the school year


Additional Screening Requirements for Specific Placements ONLY

Condition Additional Screening Requirements
…for those volunteering outside the supervision of a certificated teacher (exs: afterschool programs, elementary libraries)
  1. Live Scan Fingerprinting with DOJ/FBI background check, using BSV’s Live Scan Form
…for those volunteering in a BUSD pre-school/CDC
  1. Live Scan Fingerprinting with DOJ/FBI background check, using BSV’s Live Scan Form
  2. Negative Tuberculosis Test (or Risk Assessment) – from past 60 days; valid for 4 years
  3. Documentation of Vaccinations for Influenza, dTap, and MMR
…for those volunteering more than 3 days a week (or more than 90 days in a year) 
  1. Negative Tuberculosis Test (or Risk Assessment) – from past 60 days; valid for 4 years


General Screening Requirements

There are none. As per California’s Education Code, parents may arrange volunteering directly with their child’s classroom teacher and jump right in!

If parents wish to volunteer in a different classroom other than that of their child, they would then be considered “Community Volunteers” and the above BSV screening requirements would apply.