Preschool Volunteering

Starting Young

Support Berkeley’s youngest learners at one of BUSD’s 3 Preschools: Franklin, King, and Hopkins. The Berkeley Child Development Centers (CDCs) serve more than 400 students from Berkeley and surrounding communities. More than 20% of BUSD pre-school students qualify and participate in the Head-Start Program. In addition to students served by the state-funded Child Development program, approximately 50 students participate in the BUSD Special Education Program.

BSV Preschool Volunteers

Preschool volunteers often spend time:

  • Reading and retelling stories to build pre-literacy skills;
  • Encouraging creative play on the playground and in the garden
  • Playing math games to develop early “number sense”
  • Supporting the development of healthy social-emotional skills

Berkeley’s 3 preschools operate year-round, Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Please note…

that for the health and safety of our youngest learners, volunteering in a Child Development Center setting requires additional levels of screening. See BSV’s Volunteer Screening Policies for more details.

Next Steps

  1. Watch BSV’s Online Info Session, designed for new volunteers.
  2. Complete your Volunteer Application!

To hear more from Berkeley’s experienced  volunteers, see our Volunteer Testimonials

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