BUSD Volunteer Screening Policy

The following volunteers will need fingerprinting to work with Berkeley students:

  • BSV volunteers supervised by non-certificated/credentialed BUSD staff

Additionally, the Berkeley Schools Volunteers office reserves the right to require fingerprinting for:

  • Any volunteer who plans to have unsupervised contact with students
  • Any volunteer not able to meet the BSV requirements explained in our BSV Volunteer Contract

BUSD will cover the cost of fingerprinting and DOJ/FBI background checksThey have contracted with Berkeley Public Schools Fund, our funding organization, to conduct all live scans for BSV volunteers.

TB Testing: this is not a requirement unless you are volunteering more than 3 days per week or 90 days in one school year. These volunteers will need to show proof of negative TB test results (not more than 60 days old) to the BSV office. Many Berkeley medical and community health offices offer this service free of charge, including student health centers at UC Berkeley.

Because teachers create a schedule directly with their volunteers, BSV does not know how many days each volunteer is working with students. Please refer all volunteers who fit this description to the BSV office to learn about TB test requirements.


Live Scan Fingerprinting and Background Checks for Volunteers

Volunteers supervised by certificated/credentialed BUSD staff do not need fingerprinting, under current CA State EdCode and BUSD policy.

Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV) schedules appointments for Live Scan background checks during the school year only. Here are a few requirements:

  • prior fingerprinting does not count; initial background check results and ongoing reporting cannot be shared with outside organizations
  • must be a current BSV volunteer in a BUSD school
  • must know your BSV volunteer placement teacher / staff person
  • must have a valid government ID

Contact the BSV office with questions.