College students volunteer with BSV for many reasons. What’s yours?

The majority of our college partnerships are with UC Berkeley. If you attend another college and wish to grow a new partnership, please contact us to start the conversation. We would love to offer similar programs at your school!

Please follow the links below to one or more areas of interest to learn more and get started:

If you want to learn more about existing partnerships between UC Berkeley and local schools, please check the The Public Service Office website. They can connect you with volunteer, internship and paid opportunities in local schools.

ED 197 CAL Field Studies Courses

075_BPEF_LeConteVol_20091021bwEducation 197 field studies offers you an opportunity to volunteer in the Berkeley Public Schools while earning academic credit. Volunteer placements are available during the school day in preK – 12th grades in most subjects, or you may tutor in an after-school program. Your schedule is determined between you and the teacher. You may have one or multiple placements, depending upon scheduling and the number of hours you need to complete.

Ready to register for the ED 197 course this semester? Please complete the Application For ED 197 BSV Field Studies Course anytime before the UC Berkeley Add/Drop deadline for the semester.

Prior to receiving a volunteer placement, you must attend a New Volunteer Orientation or confirm that you have already completed this step with our office. You will need a U.S. Government-issued form of identification (State ID card, Driver’s License, Passport with US Visa) in person at the orientation to complete your screening process. Once you have arranged your assignment with us, you should call or e-mail your assigned teacher to set up a schedule and begin volunteering as soon as possible. Some placements require a live scan/background check (at no cost to you) which we will take care of through our office so please plan ahead.

You are responsible for registering for this course with Telebears. Completing the BSV orientation and paperwork does not register you with UCB. If you decide not to tutor, wish to change your number of units, or decide not to earn credit, please contact BSV immediately.

Please read through the ED 197 Syllabus before you decide to attend an orientation. It outlines the requirements, time commitment, and other responsibilities.

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