It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Join us this week as we say thank you to the incredible volunteers who are committed to helping Berkeley’s teachers, students, and schools succeed. To find out how you can help, please visit our Become a Volunteer page.


Maureen P. has been an invaluable help every Thursday during our sessions of Art with Teacher Lisa. Lisa’s ingenious, gorgeous, jaw-dropping projects have been very ambitious–sometimes cramming two projects into a single session. Maureen helped make it all happen smoothly, cutting, sorting, passing out supplies, helping children keep up. One week she was gone and we all had a lot of trouble finishing on time for garden! She is an experienced teacher and provided a calm, knowledgeable presence. When I had the flu, she was the glue keeping things together at that time. She helped work with a couple of my students with very challenging behavior, so I could work with the other two and the class.

It has been such a gift to have her grace our lives.

–Margot Pepper, 2nd grade teacher
* * *

I have had an amazing volunteer named Bob for over 10 years now. He has supported my classes math centers every Friday as well as support my high level students when working on math challenges. I am so grateful to have him and imagine our partnership will last another 10 years.

–Hilary Mitchell, 5th grade teacher
* * *

Catalina has been a tremendous help with my classes, from the very mundane to direct one-on-one support for students, it is always so helpful to have another caring adult in the room!

–Dana Moran, Berkeley High
* * *





First of all I would like to thank you for this opportunity. I am very grateful to Ms. Gail in my classroom.  I feel like we are a perfect match. I truly appreciate her and all the help she has given me and my students. I appreciate her and your organization.

Rosa Moreno, 3rd grade teacher
* * *

I would like to give a huge shout out to Steve F., Kitty K., Beatrice K., Rachel H., and Charles K. who meet in the King Middle School Library every single Tuesday at 10:30 to read with 6th graders. Thank you all for supporting literacy at King Middle School!

Stephanie Travaille, Literacy Coach
* * *

Most of my volunteers are teachers-to-be, so I am glad when I can assign them to monitor groups, or tutor students, or have students read their work to them.
. . . In IB, some volunteers have assisted groups in creating their teaching lessons, or have provided critical feedback on a lesson. Last week, when we were learning Richard Lanham’s revision strategies, my volunteer helped reinforce the value of the lesson by saying that she was learning skills that would help improve her writing. Its hard for student naysayers to refute that kind of testimony.

Alan Miller, Berkeley High
* * *

Ms. Marcia (as the children call her) puts smiles on the faces of my kindergarteners every time she enters the room! She tells me every time she comes, “You can ask me to help with anything. I just want to be helpful” and that’s exactly what she is. She’s a great addition to our class!

Libby Trumbull, Kindergarten teacher
* * *

Mr. Reed has certainly been a resource to my classroom. Over the course of his time, he has warmed up and now circulates the room to offer assistance to students during independent work time. The best part of his volunteering is that he made a special connection with one of my students who has an IEP for learning difficulties and really struggles with reading and comprehension. The student began to check in with me: “Is Mr. Reed coming today?” The time he spends working with this student allows me to work with a few others who also need help. I very much appreciate Mr. Reed’s time in our classroom. Thank you for sending him our way.

Denise Milner, 6th grade teacher
* * *

Adena I. has been an integral part of helping my students improve their reading. She has been working with a small group. The focus has been on making strong summaries after reading chapters in chapter books. The students have strengthened their summarizing skills by discussing the stories and writing about them. I appreciate that she took time to volunteer in my classroom and has influenced my fourth graders in a positive way!

Amy Cottle, 4th grade teacher