Who Can Volunteer?

During this unusual year of “Distance Learning,” BSV continues to welcome volunteers from all walks of life. BSV volunteers are:

  • Learners as well as teachers
  • Professionals, retirees, students, and parents
  • Generalists and specialists – of all ages!
  • Hail from many different countries and speak many different languages
  • Live both within and beyond Berkeley’s city limits
  • Enthusiastic kid-people who are committed to all learners

BSV is looking for Distance Learning Volunteer who:

  • Are tech-friendly (you don’t have to be an expert, but you should have some facility)
  • Have reliable, high-speed internet at home (where videos stream mostly uninterrupted)
  • Are learners as well as teachers!
    • All new BSV Distance Learning Volunteers will attend a 1 hour BSV orientation as well as a 2-hour Tech Training (to orient you to the instructional tools of BUSD)
  • Can commit to volunteering at least 1 hour each week for the entire school year
  • Are at least 16 years of age*
  • Are free of a serious criminal record (as you will be fingerprinted)

*Volunteers who are ages 16 and 17 (minors) require the signature of a parent or guardian on BSV’s Minor Permission Form.

For more details on specific screening requirements, see BSV Volunteer Screening Policies.