Building Community

The Berkeley Public Schools Fund (then Berkeley Public Education Foundation) was established in 1983, when Proposition 13 tax restructuring began impacting public schools. A group of Berkeley parents and community leaders, frustrated by the diminishing resources for public school classrooms, created the Berkeley Public Schools Fund.

The Schools Fund is entirely supported by contributions from individuals and businesses in the community. Funds are directed to support students through grants for teachers, training and matching volunteers with teachers, and for specific purposes designated by fiscal sponsorship arrangements.

As the only organization serving the entire district, pre-K to high school, we can:

  • Ensure that resources get to the sites that have less PTA resources and reach students that are underserved.
  • Be a source for teachers beyond what PTA budgets can fund.
  • Address district wide needs such as teacher professional development.
  • Provide programs across grade levels like Be A Scientist and Music in the Schools.
  • Align with the District on larger change efforts and partner with donors to achieve them.
Year to year, operating costs for the Schools Fund are 20-25 percent of our budget.