BSV’s Spanish Language Team

Who is BSV’s Spanish Language Team?  This team is made up of native speakers and Spanish learners alike who want to use their linguistic strengths to ensure equitable access to the resources and opportunities of BUSD during this era of shelter-in-place and remote learning.

What does the Spanish Language Team do?  Our Spanish Language Team is currently involved in 3 main projects:

  1. Spanish-speaking volunteers cover at least one Ed Hub shift every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure Spanish-dominant families can gain full access to the resources of the Ed Hub.
  2. Spanish-speaking volunteers support the translation of web pages, district curriculum, and project documents so that Spanish-dominant families can access all BUSD and Schools Fund resources, whether volunteer, parent, or student-facing.
  3. Spanish-speaking “Tech Wellness” volunteers make “Tech Wellness Check” phone calls to Spanish-dominant households who received loaner Chromebooks from BUSD. These calls aim to ensure families have functioning technology and know how to access BUSD’s instructional platforms and resources.

Our Spanish Language Team is also exploring the idea of designing and leading Parent Workshops (in Spanish) during summer and fall of 2020, focused on BUSD’s instructional platforms and tools.

Interested in Joining the Spanish Language Team? First, join Berkeley Schools Volunteers and in the skills/interests section, please check the “Spanish language” box. The BSV sign-up link is HERE.  You will then be welcomed by BSV Spanish Language Team Lead Gaddy Barbero Reyes, who will introduce you to various projects in the works.

Questions? Contact Gaddy Barbero Reyes at: