BSV’s Spanish Language Team

Who is BSV’s Spanish Language Team?  This team is made up of native speakers and Spanish learners alike who want to use their linguistic strengths to ensure equitable access to the resources and opportunities of BUSD.

What does the Spanish Language Team do? So that BUSD’s Spanish dominant families have full access to district resources, our team:

  • Takes shifts at the  Ed Hub  on Tuesdays and Thursdays to support familes coming through
  • Supports the periodic translation of web pages, district curriculum, and project documents
  • Assists Spanish-dominant families in accessing tech-related benefits (ie. Emergency Broadband Benefits)

Interested in Joining BSV’s Spanish Language Team? First, join BSV’s School Support Volunteers. In the skills/interests section of the form, check the “Spanish language” box.

Questions? Contact Sally McLaughlin: