For Volunteers

Welcome to Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV)!

Our 1,200+ volunteers bring needed support, expertise and resources to the students, families, staff and schools of Berkeley Unified, week in and week out. The  Berkeley Schools Volunteer community is committed to ensuring all students receive the benefits of an excellent public education.

Learn more below about our two volunteer programs: Classroom Volunteers and School Support Volunteers.

Classroom Volunteers are matched with BUSD Host Teachers who request volunteers based on grade-level, subject area, and need.  Volunteers provide individual attention to students, support with classroom management, and serve as role models to students at all age levels.  Classroom Volunteers commit to at least an hour a week for the entire school year.

BSV School Support Volunteers support youth, families and staff outside of the classroom. They are a responsive group that is activated based on direct needs identified by our school community. School Support Volunteers can sign up for an ongoing commitment or a one-time event.


As a parent/guardian, you can go directly to your children’s teachers and request to volunteer for them. You don’t have to go through our BSV screening unless the teachers specifically request it. Per the CA Ed Code, parents have a right to volunteer in their child’s classroom at the approval of the teacher.

Join Berkeley Schools Volunteers if:

  • You are a BUSD parent/guardian not serving in your own child’s classroom (inclusive of after school spaces, gardens, libraries, other classrooms)
  • You are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or any other family member
  • You’re interested in our additional resources: ongoing trainings, districtwide updates, connection to a large volunteer network
  • Your teacher has requested you go through us

Did your teacher send you our way? If so, go ahead and fill out this Classroom Volunteer Application