Science Festival: Environmental Detective Fun!

Posted on February 4th 2019 in Grants

As Malcolm X fifth graders exited the auditorium, there was a chorus of “Thank you” and “I want to be an environmentalist now!” directed to the facilitator from Lawrence Hall of Science who had led the entire grade through an Environmental Mystery Science Festival funded by a Schools Fund Strategic Impact Grant. He smiled as he […]

Be A Scientist: Visiting on Experiment Day

Posted on November 14th 2018 in Grants

Berkeley Public Schools Fund is proud to support Be a Scientist for the 5th consecutive year with a Strategic Impact Grant. Be a Scientist is a program run by Community Resources for Science (CRS) that brings UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate student mentors each year to all of the District’s 7th grade classrooms to work with small […]

Berkeley High’s Redesign: 9th Grade “Hives”

Posted on October 17th 2018 in Grants

It takes a village to raise a child, and that was the thinking behind the new Universal 9th grade (U9) at Berkeley High where a “Redesign Team” spent the past three years researching and designing proverbial villages or “hives” as the new model for 9th grade. Starting in the 2018-19 school year, entering 9th grade […]

First Visit to the Universal 9th Grade (U9) at Berkeley High

Posted on September 19th 2018 in Grants

Berkeley High School is big. With 3,200 students and a campus covering four city blocks, navigating your way through Berkeley High School is an intimidating prospect. I was there to learn about the Universal 9th Grade, which some people liken to a “soft landing” at Berkeley High, and it already seemed like a good idea. […]

World Peace Game: Transforming Peace From a Dream to a Goal

Posted on August 3rd 2018 in Grants

When the problems of the world are overwhelming and hope seems out of reach, what do you do as a teacher, knowing that students will inherit a world rife with complex issues? If you’re Bruce Glaseroff, 5th grade teacher at Washington Elementary, you first apologize for the state of the world that adults have created. […]

Striking it Rich: Gold Rush Plays at Berkeley Arts Magnet

Posted on June 11th 2018 in Grants

How did 30 fourth graders at Berkeley Arts Magnet collaboratively work on writing a script, auditioning and performing a play successfully? With a lot of time, practice and guidance from their teacher, Ms. Madhuvanti Khare. This month, Berkeley Arts Magnet (BAM) fourth graders performed two plays set during the Gold Rush and we were lucky […]

Blackberry Creek Science Program: From Education to Action

Posted on May 30th 2018 in About the Schools Fund, Grants, Interviews

We recently visited Thousand Oaks Elementary School to observe the Creek Science program in action. The lesson took place at the nearby Blackberry Creek located just west of the campus. The hands-on and highly interactive Blackberry Creek Science Program is supported by a Strategic Impact Grant, involving all Thousand Oaks Elementary K-3rd graders in a grade-appropriate […]

Digital Microscopes Unite Science & Art

Posted on May 18th 2018 in Grants

We visited a 4th and 5th grade science class at Malcolm X to observe students participating in two interactive science grants awarded in the 2017-18 school year, one for digital microscopes, and the other for nature journaling and sketching. Debra Hill, Malcolm X science teacher, was giving a lesson to 4th and 5th graders on protozoans […]

3D Printers: To Creativity and Beyond!

Posted on March 28th 2018 in Grants

King Middle School computer teacher, Mr. Frank Torrano, has a vision and it involves computer-aided design (CAD), 3D printers and boundless creativity to help students leap into the increasingly digital future. When we visited Mr. Torrano’s Digital Media class to see what impact our Classroom Grant for software and 3D printers was having, we were […]

From Trauma to Peace: Mindfulness Program at Willard Middle School

Posted on March 22nd 2018 in Grants, Interviews

Once a week at Willard Middle School, there’s an unexpected sight of a classroom full of students sitting still with their eyes closed. With the support of our Strategic Impact Grant, Willard Middle School has implemented a weekly Dynamic Mindfulness program where students engage in mindful ABCs (Actions, Behaviors, and Centering) during their Advisory period. […]