Berkeley Schools Volunteers (BSV) wants to support you and your students by matching you with interested, enthusiastic community volunteers.

Volunteers can help give individual attention to students, ease classroom management, and serve as role models. They are community members, professionals, and college students interested in helping kids succeed.

What can I do to set myself and volunteers up for success?

Please read the BSV Volunteer Contract for details on volunteer requirements, expectations, and BUSD do’s and don’ts for volunteers.

Please read the Volunteer-Teacher 1st Meeting Checklist to learn what questions we advise volunteers to ask teachers before getting started. You may wish to add additional questions or create a list of answers to make your site-based orientation easier!

For more information about the BSV screening process, please see our BUSD Volunteer Screening Policy page. BSV screening is based upon BUSD policy.

How does BSV match volunteers to teachers?

We use the information and schedule you list on your Request a Volunteer form to match your needs and interests with those of potential volunteers. For each volunteer we place, we connect them with you via email. We ask them to be proactive and contact you as soon as possible to discuss tasks, scheduling, and classroom policies and dynamics. See our Become a Volunteer page for more information about our volunteer placement process and expectations.
Please understand we do our best to match you with a volunteer but aren’t always able to.

What if the volunteer isn’t a good fit for me or my class?

If the match doesn’t work out—for any reason!—please let us know and we will start the matching process again. Please clarify the reasons why the volunteer isn’t working out; we want to better serve you and other teachers. You always have the right to ask BSV to remove a volunteer from your classroom, stop sending volunteers, or update your request at anytime.

How do I get started?

If you would like to have a volunteer in your classroom please complete our Request a Volunteer form below. The more specific you can be, the better we can advertise and work to match a volunteer to your needs.

Please contact us as soon as possible with any changes to your schedule or needs to avoid misplaced or unwanted volunteers.