Volunteer Spotlight: Bethany Schoenfeld

Meaningful Contributions and Community Connection

“The message throughout the pandemic has been ‘We’re all in this together.’ I was pleased to do a small part to help put restrictions behind us in a hands-on way, by processing Covid tests for hundreds of students. Connecting with the teachers and students during testing felt like teamwork towards an important goal.”

Bethany came to BSV as a result of the pandemic, first distributing textbooks for distance learning and most recently taking on many COVID testing shifts at Berkeley High, where her engagement and initiative have been particularly appreciated.  She’s a long-time volunteer in the Berkeley Schools, working in her children’s classrooms, serving as a PTA officer and on various district committees, staffing the BHS front desk and supporting BHS’s Sustainability Plan and Green Team efforts.

Through her volunteering, Bethany has been grateful to witness the dedication of teachers, administrators, and staff and to learn more about the schools and the District that have educated her children. “No matter how much time I give – even just an hour – I have felt appreciated. Through working on elementary school projects, I made friends that I have to this day. I have experienced personal growth as confidence in my abilities and connections with others increased. And it all began with helping Ms. West’s Kindergarteners make strawberry jam.”

Thank you, Bethany, for reminding us of the joys and rewards of volunteering. We appreciate you!

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