Volunteer Spotlight: Octavio Munist

Between Spanish-English bilingualism and a professional background in online learning, Octavio Munist is the right volunteer for the times!

A former Sylvia Mendez parent, Octavio earned his stripes as an active parent volunteer, including serving on the School Governance Council (SGC) and chaperoning field trips.  Now that his kids have graduated to Longfellow and Berkeley High, Octavio has become a vital volunteer with BSV. 

Last year alone, Octavio dedicated countless hours to BSV’s Tech Wellness Team, supported teachers on Zoom, translated flyers and web content, and helped BSV design and produce ‘How to Use Google Classroom’ videos in both English and Spanish. This summer and fall, in concert with the Ed Hub, Octavio is focused on supporting Spanish-dominant families in registering for stable, at-home internet service (through the Emergency Broadband Benefits program).

“I’ve been involved in education my entire life and especially online education, so I know how important this is. Volunteering during the pandemic gave me a way to connect with people, and give back to the community. This experience has been very humbling and gratifying.” 

Thank you, Octavio, for all you do to bridge the linguistic and digital divides in our community!

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