Volunteer Spotlight: Priyanka Roy

The More We Give the More We are Happy

I came to the US few years back with a lot of hope and wanted to fulfill my dream in Education. Initially one of my friend suggested me to be a part of BSV as a stepping stone in this field. That’s how I started my journey with BSV in 2020.

We all know 2020 was a challenging year for all of us. It was online mode. But I enjoyed being a part of it. However, I felt there is something missing in online mode. This is the reason when I came to know that this year all the BSV are welcome to the in person mode in school campuses, I was overjoyed and grabbed the option.

Now for me volunteering in the classroom is giving back something to your own community as well as sharing and exchanging your knowledge and skills. It provides a natural sense of accomplishment. The more we give the more we are happy.

I am thankful to my host teacher that she is encouraging and supporting me to be a part of the class and also participating in all sort of activities with the kids apart from study. The best thing with Ms. Talbott is she is very good at motivating kids to participate in every aspect in class.

Within a month I could feel being a part of the classroom and enjoy being around with the kids and helping them when needed. I really like when the kids come up to me for some help. MY heart melted when one sweet girl came up to me and surprised me with a portrait of me painted by her.

I would definitely encourage parents to consider Berkeley Public Schools for their kids to make them a responsible human being.

-Priyanka Roy
Incredible BSV volunteer, Priyanka Roy, wrote up this lovely spotlight about her volunteer experience.

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