Food Security

SSV Food Security Team

School Support Volunteers’ work addresses food insecurity in our school community in three different programs:

  • On-site Food Pantries and Weekly Home Grocery Delivery, both part of the food security partnership between the Schools Fund, the district’s Office of Family Engagement & Equity and the Berkeley Food Network
  • Delivery of food to Berkeley High intervention groups, as part of the BHS On-Campus Food Equity program

What do School Site Food Pantry Volunteers do?

  • Monthly food pantries are held at BUSD school sites year round.  Volunteers help set up food tables, greet and check-in families, help families select items, pack up remainders and clean up site
  • Volunteers are asked to watch a 20 minute orientation and training video created by Berkeley Schools Volunteers and the Berkeley Food Network

What do Grocery Home Delivery Volunteers do?

  • Grocery Home Delivery Volunteers deliver Berkeley Food Network groceries to 2-4 families’ homes
  • Volunteers may commit to on-going weekly or bi-weekly delivery, or sign up for a one-time substitute delivery run
  • This service is provided to the district’s most vulnerable families referred to us by the district’s Office of Family Engagement & Equity

What do BHS On-Campus Food Equity Volunteers do?

  • Volunteers pickup pre-paid orders of food from local retailers and deliver to student intervention group staff at Berkeley High School

What’s Required?

  • School site pantry shifts are 2.5 hours. Light lifting ability is helpful but not required of all volunteers.
  • Home delivery runs take no more than 1 hour, and require the ability to lift and carry medium sized boxes of groceries and walk boxes from your vehicle to families’ homes from available parking.
  • Volunteer drivers are required to be age 18+, and have a valid drivers license, clean driving record, and an insured vehicle in good condition

Interested in Becoming a School Site Food Pantry or Home Grocery Delivery Volunteer?

To sign-up for a food security volunteer opportunity, FIRST join BSV School Support Volunteers HERE. If you are interested in food delivery, please be sure to check the Grocery Driver or Grocery Delivery Volunteer box.  Email alerts will be sent to you about open opportunities.  

For more information, contact SSV Program Manager Sally McLaughlin,

Partner Volunteer Opportunity:  The Berkeley Food Network needs volunteers in various capacities at their Berkeley facility. If interested, sign up directly with the Berkeley Food Network HERE.