Priority Funding Areas

Emotional Health & Wellness

Emotional Health & Wellness means promoting the health and well-being of BUSD students, and especially those experiencing health gaps.

Digital Equity

Digital Equity means that all students can access the hardware, software, and tech training necessary to rigorously and safely engage in 21st century digital society.

Equitable Family Engagement

Equitable Family Engagement includes culturally responsive and asset-based activities that connect schools to families and families to schools. In BUSD, equitable family engagement includes a special focus on minority, immigrant, English learner, unhoused and refugee families.

Culturally Responsive Learning including Positive Racial/Ethnic Identity Development

Culturally Responsive Learning thoughtfully connects students’ own cultures, languages, and life experiences to what they learn in school and how they learn it.

Positive Racial/Ethnic Identity Development nurtures a student’s positive identity and relationship with their racial/ethnic group while fostering a positive evaluation of that group.

Focused Academic Support & Intervention

Additional or strategically embedded academic support designed for specific student sub-groups experiencing learning gaps.

Diversifying BUSD Educator Pathways

Building the capacity of Berkeley public schools to attract and retain a diverse faculty so that BUSD educators at all levels better reflect our diverse student body.

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Educators with questions about a grant proposal can attend Schools Fund Grants Office Hours (during grants seasons) or contact Deputy Director, Duffy Ross: