Reintroducing: Super Science Saturdays

As part of the Schools Fund’s commitment to closing the opportunity gap in STEM education, we’ve partnered with BUSD’s Career Technical Education (CTE) program to bring a beloved district-wide program, Super Science Saturdays (SSS), back to life.

Starting this Saturday, September 30, over 200 1st-5th graders from all 11 elementary schools will spend 6 Saturdays at Oxford and Malcolm X. Through hands-on activities and guest presenters, students will be learning about storybook engineering and entrepreneurism through sneaker design.

SSS aims to  spark a lifelong interest in STEM from a young age. A free program, SSS focuses recruitment on students whose identities and backgrounds are currently underrepresented in STEM fields. This fall, Super Science is proud to announce that 100% of staff are BUSD educators of color. 

The Berkeley Public Schools Fund is ever-grateful to Wareham Development for supporting this vision of STEM For All.

And a shout out to Super Science educator team this fall, organized and trained by the Schools Fund’s Roxann Reyes. Last Saturday, Reyes led training for SSS staff and high school mentors, sharing, “We had a blast tinkering, testing, and tweaking our curriculum for Super Science Saturdays during our Staff Training Day. We are pumped and ready to engage students in all things STEM this Saturday at our Super Science Saturdays’ Oxford and Malcolm X school sites.”

The Oxford Crew

  • Aaron Grayson (Oxford)
  • Jessy Baird (Rosa Parks)
  • Jesus Hernandez (Rosa Parks)
  • LaTasha Willis (Washington)
  • Harmine Kaur (Oxford)
  • Kaitlin Buenger (Oxford)
  • Sheyla Flores (Cragmont)
  • Gabriel Garcia (Oxford)
  • Nithin Yaramala (Oxford)  

The Malcolm X Crew

  • Kiegan Baird (Malcolm X)
  • Jocelyn Foreman (OFEE)
  • Nagat Alwasim (Malcolm X)
  • Michele Ferrell (BAM)
  • Graciela Hernandez Zaldivar (Hopkins)
  • Maria Moreno (Thousand Oaks)
  • Tiffany Singleton (Malcolm X)
  • Lovely Wells (BAM)
  • Oliver Suttice (Malcolm X) 

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