Volunteer for academic credit in the Berkeley Schools! UC Berkeley’s Education Department offers academic credit in exchange for student volunteer time in the Berkeley schools through enrolling in a field studies course. Please read through UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education’s website for more information about the ED 197 Field Studies courses for university-specific requirements.

If you are a current UC Berkeley student and interested in enrolling in the course, please submit the form below to learn more about the process. Please read the current Volunteer Contract and ED 197 Syllabus to ensure you are able and willing to meet the requirements for both the course and volunteering in Berkeley schools.

What are my next steps after I complete the form?

New Volunteers: please visit our Become a Volunteer page and find a date and time to attend before the UC Berkeley Add/Drop deadline this semester. BSV will give you the Course Control Number (CCN) after you attend a New Volunteer Orientation.

Returning Volunteers: Submit the form below and BSV will contact you to discuss possible volunteer placements in Berkeley schools before we give you the Course Control Number (CCN).

How do I record my volunteer hours?

You will need to download and print a Volunteer Timesheet to keep track of your volunteer hours. Please use one sheet for each supervising teacher or class. Only your approved teacher(s) can sign off on your hours. See the course syllabus for details.

You will receive an auto reply email with a copy of your form entries, along with a copy of the above instructions.