Berkeley Public Schools Fund Videos

Summer CTE Camps '22

Campers share their experience diving into STEM based curriculum.

CTE Digital Photography

CTE’s Photography and Graphic Design classes provide students with access to high quality equipment.

CTE Carpentry

CTE’s Carpentry pathway allows students the ability to work in a state of the art wood shop.

Student Reflections STEM

6th graders from the BUSD’s 3 middle schools share thoughts on taking classes in the STEM wheel.

CTE Digital Media

A look into CTE’s Digital Media pathway that offers narrative and documentary film classes.

CTE Engineering

An overview of CTE’s Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering pathways and what students learn in the program.

CTE CAD Design

CTE’s CAD Design and Fabrication Studio classes guide students through the process of making an idea into reality.

CTE Computer Science

CTE’s Computer Science classes are aimed at giving students technological literacy to navigate the 21st century.

CTE 6th Grade STEM Wheel

20-21 was the first year that CTE offered all 6th graders at BUSD to take classes in the STEM Wheel.

Summer CTE Programs '21

A look into the experience of students, mentors and educators at the 21 Summer Maker Camp.

BHS Robotics Camp '21

CTE’s Summer Robotics camp at Berkeley High gets students ready to dive into the world of engineering.

Superhero Lynna Tsou

A recognition of the valuable service BSV Volunteer Lynna Tsou provided to families during the pandemic.

Spring Luncheon '21

We appreciate Berkeley’s Superheroes, those whose altruism kept us moving forward during the pandemic.

BUSD Resolution '21-031

In the Spring of 21 BUSD Board of Directors acknowledged the significance of the Schools Fund contributions during the pandemic.

WriterCoach Connection

Our partnership with WCC blossomed over the pandemic as we shifted to learning on Zoom.

One Year Later

In response to COVID-19, the Schools Fund reflects on the triumphs and challenges from a year living in the pandemic.

BSV Love in Action

A recognition of volunteer’s contributions from the Berkeley Schools Volunteer Team.

Ed Hub Virtual Tour

Take a tour of what the Ed Hub offered to the community in the peak of the pandemic.

Year-end Thank You '20

A message to the generous support that the Schools Fund received in the year 2020.

A Look Back at '20

A visual journey through 2020 that demonstrates Berkeley’s resiliency as a community.

BSV Year-end Video '19-20

Reflections of Berkeley Schools Volunteers who made a difference in the 2019-20 school year.

Heart & Soul Awardees

In 2020, we honored the Hearts & Souls of BUSD’s elementary schools at our Virtual Spring Luncheon.

Virtual Spring Luncheon

We tell the story of the Schools Fund’s impact at the beginning of school closures.

Ed Hub Time Lapse

In the midst of the pandemic, the Ed Hub saw many days with lines around the block.

COVID Assistance

The COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Campaign raised money for families in need at the beginning of the pandemic.

You Make A Difference

An overview of the many ways that contributions from the community supports our schools.

Spotlight- Taeko Okamura

Retired BUSD Teacher Taeko Okamura shares her insights on why volunteering is important.