Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Ozol

Meet Liz! Liz Ozol is a retired educator who has been volunteering with BSV since 2020, when she reached out to her former colleague, Emily Blossom, to offer distance learning support. What started as small group reading over Zoom has evolved into in-person classroom support in Ms. Blossom’s 1st grade Two-Way Immersion classroom at Sylvia Mendez Elementary School.  Liz currently supports students to improve their Spanish fluency and vocabulary through 1:1 reading and activities.  Given Liz’s experience as a former principal and classroom teacher, she recognizes the hard work Emily puts into her classroom environment and reaps the rewards as a volunteer by just having fun with students.

Emily Blossom has some kind words to share about Liz as well! She says, “this is my second year with Liz Ozol. As before, she is a perfect volunteer. Always on time, takes initiative, and takes the time to build relationships with the students she works with”

For Liz, volunteering is a family affair. Her husband, Andy Steckel, is a long-time BSV volunteer and her mother-in-law, Hilda Steckel has volunteered for BSV in the past!  In addition, Liz supports School Support Volunteer projects whenever she can.  What drives Liz are those “lightbulb moments” when something is illuminated for a student, as well as lightening the load for teachers and staff.  The dedication and commitment to Berkeley schools from people like Liz and her family are part of what makes Berkeley schools so great! Thank you, Liz!

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