Volunteer Spotlight: Scott Gregg

Scott Gregg has been a Berkeley resident since early childhood. He attended Cragmont Elementary, Garfield Junior (now King Middle), Berkeley High (class of ‘62), and then Cal (class of ‘68)! Scott came to BSV in 2019 shortly after retiring and we’re very lucky for it! He was open to wherever the need was greatest and quickly found a BSV “home” supporting Allison Krasnow pre-pandemic with her middle school math.
From that point on, he only continued to show up for the Berkeley community. He was along for the beautiful struggle that was distance learning at Willard Middle, provided pandemic support at the Berkeley Food Network and the Ed Hub last year, and this year was eager to dive back into in-person learning.
This year, he and his host teacher, Geeta Makhija, have recognized and uplifted the importance of mental health wellness for their students, in addition to middle school math. During a Friday mental health check-in, he noticed a student who had not wanted to participate and decided to prioritize getting to know him. Over time, this student has started to open up more with Scott. It’s these small moments that can make a difference in the day to day of a young person’s life.
Scott is a very strong supporter of public education and believes it’s one of the greater institutions that is offered to folks living in America. He believed that his BUSD education adequately prepared him for the next big thing. Cal’s academic rigor and school size felt like a natural next step from Berkeley High. As a volunteer, he feels proud to support a district that gave so much to him!
Thank you for being a part of the BSV community, Scott!

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