Ever wonder what a truck full of Girl Scout Cookies look like?

We want to share our gratitude for Sandra Loving, a BUSD parent and Girl Scout Service Unit Cookie Chair, who lead the effort to donate 1,000 Girl Scout cookie cases to BUSD’s central kitchen. These yummy treats will to be given out to families experiencing food scarcity during the state-wide shelter in.

“Our service unit had a choice to return cookies or donate them,” says Loving, who also works as a Berkeley Youth Alternatives Extended Care Coordinator. “It was an easy choice to make! We know that girl scout cookies bring joy so we decided to keep the cookies and distribute them to as many people in Berkeley as possible. All we want is to put a smile on people’s faces during this time where there is so much worry and stress.”

Berkeley Schools Volunteers have been seeing an increase in people wanting to help out their fellow neighbors and families in need, that is what makes our community so special.

“I have only been in Berkeley for 10 years, and I have found that so many people here truly care about each other, and most importantly accepting of one another. I have created a second family here and I’m deeply grateful for each of them.”

Thank you Sandra, we appreciate you!

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