School Support Spotlight

Jean Fichtenkort has been a BSV Task Runner for much of this year, delivering meals to families and groceries to Ruth Acty, but this is far from her first volunteer stint!  With parents who modeled volunteering, it’s always been a part of her life. She’s been an active BUSD volunteer since her now 20-year-old son started Kindergarten at Oxford.  After her son graduated from Berkeley High, Jean was looking for new ways to support the district and BSV provided those opportunities.

“My families are wonderful, and I’m happy I can be part of providing food support that is so needed.  I also appreciate the warmth and dedication of Ramona McGary (OFEE counselor who facilitates the grocery distribution at Ruth Acty, photo with Jean bottom right). Ramona’s positive energy is a joy to be around!”

Patricia Price has delivered meals and groceries to BUSD families since early in the pandemic, and currently teams up with Jean to provide weekly groceries to three families.  Her connection to the Schools Fund started early in her own children’s educations, as a donor and a grant writer working with teachers to obtain funding for outdoor education initiatives.  When Covid struck, “BSV provided new ways to safely connect to our community and support each other in meaningful ways as we navigated uncertain times together.”

We thank you, Jean and Patricia, along with all of our BSV volunteers! Your generosity of time and spirit is inspiring and makes a real difference in the lives of real people!

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