BSV’s Open Teacher Requests for Volunteers



December 2019


  • Bilingual Literacy: supporting K & 1 reading in Spanish & English
  • Literacy: lead a 5th grade “book club” Wed morning 
  • Math: 3rd gr and K-5 afterschool 
  • PE: K-5 for small group, whole class games 
  • !! Science: 1st-5th in designated hands-on “science classrooms”
  • K-5 Art: Thursdays & Fridays 
  • ! Be a Buddy to a some 5th graders needing some one-on-one care
  • !!! Library: Librarian at Washington Elementary looking for support in shelving book


  • !! Reading: 1-on-1 with struggling 6th gr readers Tues mid mornings (short!)
  • !! Math: quizzing 6th graders on “math facts” (times tables) Tues early afternoons @ King (short!)
  • !!! Science: supporting 6th gr science at Longfellow (Mon & Thurs early afternoons)
  • Computer Science/STEM: 6-7-8th graders, mornings (M T W Th) or after school (M T Th F) @ King
  • !! Math: 8th graders Tuesday afternoons @ Willard, Thursday afternoons @ King
  • !! Math Support: after school, 6-7-8, M T Th mid to late afternoons @ Willard or Longfellow
  • Reading/writing support: 8th science class: M T Th early afternoons @ King
  • PE: across grades 6-7-8, outdoors (any day/time) @ King
  • Athletics: Interscholastic & on-site intramural: grades 6-7-8  Tues-Thurs after school @ Willard
  • Homework support: after school grades 6-7-8, M-F mid to late afternoons

High School

  • ! STEM tutors in three different BHS afterschool programs 
  • Math Tutoring: BHS drop-in, T-W-Th early morning 
  • Chemistry support for 10/11th gr (regular & AP) with students & behind the scenes @ BHS
  • Physics 9th gr teacher seeking administrative support @ BHS

Adult School

  • Across Subjects: Volunteers to support adult learners with all kinds of assignments at the Student Resource Center

*Note: this is not an exhaustive list of all of BSV’s open volunteer opportunities. This is a collection of our most urgent. Feel free to inquire about other opportunities as well.